//Arrested Development Meets Star Wars In This Youtube Mashup

Arrested Development Meets Star Wars In This Youtube Mashup

Darth Vader may have committed some mild treason.

This fan edit of Star Wars footage combined with Arrested Development‘s narration (performed by Ron Howard) draws more than a few comparisons between Luke Skywalker’s family and the Bluths. Both series also have characters that lose their hand, so maybe there is a deeper influence here than previously thought.

Arrested Development itself will be returning to Netflix in 2018, with star Jason Bateman stating that it will be the second of three acts in the series’ extended lease on life. Coincidentally, Ron Howard himself has been tapped to direct next year’s Han Solo prequel after Disney recently decided on a change in direction for the movie. While there’s no word yet on what tone he is planning to strike for the rogue pilot’s origins, we wouldn’t be opposed to some omniscient narration for comedy’s sake. (Please don’t do this, Ron.)