//Blaster Master Zero’s next update adds a ‘Boss Rush’ mode

Blaster Master Zero’s next update adds a ‘Boss Rush’ mode

I’m surprised that I’m still writing about Blaster Master Zero. The game launched alongside the Switch, but is still receiving a bunch of free updates with new game modes and characters. The next update to come to the 2D revival will be a boss rush mode, though it’s not as simple as that sounds.

While the 3DS and Switch will receive a generic, single-player only version of boss rush, the Switch version will also be getting a co-op enabled mode titled “Multi Boss Blast.” As you can see in the video below (courtesy of Nintendo Everything), the mode looks like a total blast with a friend. I especially like being able to use the DLC characters instead of just having a palette swap.

Blaster Master Zero's next update adds a 'Boss Rush' mode screenshot

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