//Cannonball Into Amazon’s One-Day Inflatable Sale

Cannonball Into Amazon’s One-Day Inflatable Sale

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but it’s pretty hot outside! Luckily, Amazon’s coming to the rescue with a big one-day sale on Intex inflatables for your pool, your local river, or whatever body of water you can find.

You could blow up your own family wading pool for under $20, grab a bottle of champagne and make like Johnny Football on an inflatable swan for $14, or or tube down your nearest river for the same price.


There are over a dozen inflatables available in this sale, and with the exception of an inflatable playhouse, they all cost under $20 today. This deal is only available today though, so stock up while the sun’s shining.

Bonus: Here’s a deal on a Bluetooth speaker that can float, too.