//Did You Know Gaming Runs Through Sonic Mania’s History And References

Did You Know Gaming Runs Through Sonic Mania’s History And References

Sonic Mania is, in many respects, the game fans have been waiting decades for. Celebrating the series’ early years and sticking to what made the blue Hedgehog famous in the first place, Mania is about as big a win as the series is likely to get for a long time. Did You Know Gaming is also a fan of gaming histories, which is why the channel set its sights on cataloging the game’s road to release.

The video offers an in-depth look at how a team of developers who were a big part of the Sonic fan community came together, pitched several ports of Sonic games to Sega before making a go at Sonic Mania, and how Sega helped bring the whole thing together. The video also highlights several references the game makes in its levels, signage, and elsewhere.

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