//Gravity Rush 2’s Online Servers Are Shutting Down This January

Gravity Rush 2’s Online Servers Are Shutting Down This January

Gravity Rush 2 wasn’t a stellar game, but it had a some fun online features. Players could take photos of treasure chests they found throughout the world and have them sent off to other players as clues to find those same chests, and take on challenges from other player as well. Unfortunately, a little over a year after the game’s launch, no one will be able to engage in any of its online activities.

The news comes from Sony’s Japanese PlayStation website (A representative from Sony Interactive Entertainment America confirmed the shutdown will also affect the United States)  Once the servers go down at 9pm Pacific time on January 19, players won’t be able to send or receive challenges, view rankings, send or receive treasure hunts from other players, or photos. They also won’t be able to obtain Dusty Tokens, which players earned through online activities to unlock new gestures, costumes, and more.

However, Sony is currently upping the number of Dusty Tokens players receive for those activities right up until the deadline, which should make it easier to acquire all of the Dusty Token rewards before January 19.

[Source: Gematsu]

Our Take
The online functionality was one of the best parts of Gravity Rush 2, so it’s a bummer to see it go so soon. Although it’s nice players will get more Dusty Tokens, players to buy or play the game after January 19 are out of luck.