//Kotaku ‘Shop Contest: Bad Dudes Revival, Winners!

Kotaku ‘Shop Contest: Bad Dudes Revival, Winners!

It was the baddest of times, it was the dudest of times.

This past week’s ‘Shop Contest was a tribute to gaming meme that had long been an excuse for some of the not altogether inspired entries from the contests of yesteryear. In keeping with tradition than, this week’s haul was a perfect tribute to bad dudes everywhere.


First, let’s give it up to the winner, Tested_Ninja. No, his entry isn’t technically in keeping with the rules. It’s not from Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja and isn’t about hamburgers. But it’s in keeping with the spirit of the Bad Dude entry in that regard, and sometimes that’s enough. There were also a lot of great honorable mentions this week, starting with:

sciteach. No one’s got it covered like these two, amiright?

lhsus meanwhile wants you to offer up some love and follow back.

And then Retro Cemetery channels what so many of wake up thinking everyday.

Finally JurassicBark for thinking outside the box and mashing up two of the weeks most incongruous memes.

Here are a handful of the rest, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for next week’s contest.

silent_ninja_123 takes it to the podium.

Tim Lyons

LuppyLuptonium goes off topic and cuts to the truth.

ChefRobertIrvine doubled back to Arnold because when in doubt, default to the terminator.

Replay didn’t have the best execution but the idea was there. I for one am able and willing to play the Mooch’s first video game.

Also_Ran has out British compatriots covered.

cecil_banon knows.

UncloudyDay went far afield and came back with a nugget I couldn’t resist. “I may not be a ‘bad dude’ but I sure know how to lose to a burger.”