//My favorite places in video games

My favorite places in video games

[For some folks, playing a game means more than taking in the gameplay or the characters. For people like JPF720, the scenery can be just as big a part of the experience as actually playing. Join him as he revisits some of his favorite places in gaming, in this our latest entry of Who Let the Blogs Out?!, our series of highlighting gems we missed the first go around. Write a sweet blog like this one, and you could see it promoted to Destructoid’s Front Page! – Wes]

Following my previous blog post about the way the context and setting of certain works influence my motivation to experience them and my initial investment, I’ve decided to go ahead and share some wonderful places I’ve visited in video games that really left a mark.

I tried to only pick places which are smaller in scale. Maybe some other time I’ll write about towns or, at least, some slightly more expansive areas (*hint*hint*). On to stuff!

My favorite places in video games screenshot

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