//Resident Evil Producer Adapting The Long Dark In Live-Action Film

Resident Evil Producer Adapting The Long Dark In Live-Action Film

The post-apocalyptic survival game The Long Dark is officially launching tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, following a successful Kickstarter campaign and early access release on PC several years ago. Hinterland, the studio behind the game, has announced that the game isn’t the only way that audiences will be able to experience the world that it’s created. A live-action film adaptation is in the works, focused on showing how people in Canada struggle to survive a world that’s been ruined following a geomagnetic disaster.

The film is being co-produced by Jeremy Bolt, a producer whose works include the Resident Evil films, and Hinterlands’ founder and creative director, Raphael van Lierop.

“I first reached out to Raphael, as a fan of The Long Dark,” Bolt says. “I was immediately taken by the game’s stunningly immersive landscapes, eerily solitary and realistic nature; it is an existential tale of moral, emotional, and physical endurance with strong characters to build on; it is also a mystery. It is an honor to try to do justice to it on film.” 

To provide a sense of what we can expect from the film, van Lierop wrote a short film called Elegy, which you can watch below. It was directed by Jared Pelletier, and performed by Christopher Plummer.

Our Take
As someone who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction as well as winter, I’m definitely interested in learning more about this film. Of course, without having details such as who’s directing or acting in it – let alone if this will actually make it to production in the first place – it’s probably best to keep expectations in check for now.