//Review: Windjammers

Review: Windjammers

The Neo Geo was a seriously underrated piece of hardware. It may not have been popular in its heyday, but the machine has earned a well-deserved cult following over the years from its extremely tight and eclectic collection of games. Things like Metal Slug and King of Fighters are synonymous with the device, but there are a bunch of oft-kilter classics that most people have never heard of.

Windjammers is one such game. Basically mixing air hockey with Street Fighter, I’m truly surprised I had never even heard of the game until earlier this year. Originally released in 1994 from Data East, the game is so fast-paced and intense that multiplayer brawls feel like all-out duels to the death.

Sadly, this new port’s updated online features really hurt the overall appeal of buying the game on non-native hardware.

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