//Sailor Moon Cafes Opening This Month In Japan

Sailor Moon Cafes Opening This Month In Japan

Like Sailor Moon? Want to eat Sailor Moon themed food? Good news. Starting this fall, four Sailor Moon cafes are opening in Japan. Yes, four!

According to Rurubu, one is opening in Tokyo on September 22, while another opens in Osaka on September 28 and yet another begins business the following day in Nagoya. These cafes are open for a limited time only, and will run until late October (Tokyo) and early November (Osaka and Nagoya).

Details on the Fukuoka cafe will be announced at a later date.

These aren’t the first Sailor Moon themed cafes, and they won’t be the last! Last year, for example, a Sailor Moon cafe opened in Tokyo and served up a burger with pink buns.

For those who are interested in attending the latest cafes, here are some of the menu’s eats:

Go ahead, stuff your face in the name of the moon.