//Super Mario Odyssey’s newest kingdom is for the foodies

Super Mario Odyssey’s newest kingdom is for the foodies

The same way that we need more volcanoes and more astronauts, we need more cooking levels. Games like Rayman Origins have kitchen stages with lava-hot stews and fork-wielding chefs. Cooking is good for video games and hardly anyone’s doing it.

Nintendo’s doing it, though. A new Super Mario Odyssey stage was shown off at gamescom (in the video embedded above) and it’s a culinary dreamscape. Named “Luncheon Kingdom,” it’s a pastel, polygonal paradise that was inspired by Italy and other European countries that are known for their cuisine.

Also, a giant bird took over the Stupendous Stewpot that’s sitting on top of a mountain. So that’s happening too.

Not really related to the new level, but still worth writing down: Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi quipped “I’d love to see the surprised look on everyone’s face if I could transform into a dinosaur and rampage around the streets of Cologne.” Us too, Koizumi-san. Us too.

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