//The D-Team takes PUBG: Don’t glaze your meatloaf mid-match

The D-Team takes PUBG: Don’t glaze your meatloaf mid-match

Jordan, Steven, Ray, and myself. We’re the D-Team. There are a lot of logical leaps you can take to explain that name. We’re like the A-Team, but barely passable. The “D” might stand for Destructoid. Or, it could just stand for something like “Dysfunctional” or “Deficient” or “Dreadfully Bad.”

We won’t stop never stoppin’ though. Here’s another episode of us hopping across picnic tables, picking battles we can’t possibly win, and talking strategically despite a combined zero years of military service. I hope to eventually figure out what a ridgeline is.

Some housekeeping stuff: This should be the last episode that’s low-ish quality. I think we’ve got 1080p from here on out. Growing pains! Also, it’s a pain growing so if you like what we do, throw us a subscribe on YouTube or a follow on Twitter. The bigger we get, the more likely we’ll be to winner that chicken dinner (probably).

Here’s the first episode if you missed it last week.

The D-Team takes PUBG: Don't glaze your meatloaf mid-match screenshot