//The Final Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Gets A Teaser

The Final Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Gets A Teaser

Five years after the previous Evangelion movie, nearly ten years since the Rebuild series started, and just over twenty years since the show ended, the final Evangelion movie gets its first teaser.

The Rebuild movies, remakes intended to both take another pass at Evangelion with a proper budget and dramatically alter the way it was told, have been a roller coaster of ups and downs since release. The next movie, 3.0+1.0, is intended to put a final cap on a series that has enthralled and befuddled an entire generation of anime fans. 

While we have no idea what the teaser means, it at least confirms that work has begun on the movie, which saw a long delay due to director Hideaki Anno’s work on the 2016 movie, Shin Godzilla. Anno also cited personal struggles while working on the previous Evangelion movie contributing to his need for a break from the series.

Our Take
We really hope it comes out on Father’s Day for maximum irony.