//The Problem With Mighty No. 9’s Game Manuals [Update]

The Problem With Mighty No. 9’s Game Manuals [Update]

Up to the very end, Mighty No. 9 can’t stop pulling a Mighty No. 9. It took over a year for Kickstarter backers to get their physical game boxes and accompanying game manuals, which are too big to fit inside some of the boxes.

Update July 26 – 9:26am: As Twitter user Gregory Walsh points out, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page states:

The part to note is “This will be shipped to you with the printed instruction manual (see the next entry below) already inside.” Inside! Meaning that it should fit.



In the Kickstarter page’s description of the physical manual, it states that the booklet is “full color.” It isn’t!

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The Famicom style game boxes and manuals were sent to backers who donated $60 or more. They could have also selected NES style boxes.

While real Famicom game manuals fit inside real Famicom game boxes, Mighty No. 9 has larger size manual that can’t.


It does, however, fit in the NES style English language boxes.

Was that memo sent to those who selected the Japanese boxes? Did people know if they picked the Famicom style box that the manual would not fit inside?


This is the latest (last?) problem in a string of issues the game faced during development and release.