//The Tokyo Olympics Is Embracing The Akira Anime

The Tokyo Olympics Is Embracing The Akira Anime

When the Tokyo Olympics were first announced in 2013, there were immediate comparisons to Akira’s 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympics. Now, the real 2020 games are not shying away from those comparisons but embracing them in a recent promotional event.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a projection mapping event last night with a “Three Years To Go!” clip to count down the upcoming Olympic games.

The clip, which you can see below, featured various scenes of Tokyo. This part stood out:

Of course, the iconic Kaneda bike slide was included. Here’s the sequence from different angles:

Or watch the full clip:

This is the first I’ve seen Akira be officially involved with the 2020 Olympics. Don’t be surprised if it shows up again in future promotional clips.

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