//Valve Will Not Be Hosting Its Steam Dev Days Event This Year

Valve Will Not Be Hosting Its Steam Dev Days Event This Year

Valve will not be hosting its Steam Dev Days event this year, and may not host one next year, according to a Valve representative.

As reported by Gamasutra, the news comes from Tom Giardino, who handles business development and marketing at Valve. When asked on Twitter if the event would happen this year, Giardino replied by saying “Definitely not in 2017 and not very likely for 2018. What sort of things would you want to hear about at any future Valve events or talks?”

Steam Dev Days is Valve’s regular conference, in which it speak with developers working on its platforms (such as Steam and HTC Vive), while also showcasing its own tech (the company showed off its Steam Machines in 2014 and the Vive in 2016, for example). Valve also took a pass on the event in 2015, saying it didn’t have anything to show off that year, either.

The company also hosts a number of talks and keynote addresses at the event, explaining its development philosophy and letting others do the same.

Our Take
It makes sense to not have the event if Valve has nothing to show off, but that brings up another concern: Just what is Valve working on? Previously, they were working a few VR games for the Vive. Does them not showing them off this year mean the projects are delayed, or that the company has moved on to something else all together? Valve tends to stay quiet about most of its endeavors until it has something to show, so we may not know what they’re planning for a while.